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San Joaquin Valley Health Fund: 2018 Policy Platform

January 1, 2018

Over the last three years, a policy committee comprised of more than 50 San Joaquin Valley Health Fund (SJVHF) nonprofit leaders has met to accelerate policy and systems changes to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable children and families and advance racial equity and social justice in the region.In order to accelerate momentum, residents and local elected officials need to work together. Recognizing that, Stockton Mayor Michael D. Tubbs and Chet P. Hewitt, President and CEO of The Center at Sierra Health Foundation, convened a Leadership Conference in October 2017 in Stockton to discuss policy priorities and to create a Leadership Executive Committee, comprised of local elected officials from the Valley advocating on a united platform of policy priorities.A joint meeting of the Leadership Executive Committee and the SJVHF Policy Committee was subsequently convened to discuss and identify a set of priorities that can advance policy change on a larger systems level.The San Joaquin Valley Health Fund believes advocating for a Golden State for All means that we do not leave anyone behind. Our fundamental rights derive, irrespective of legal status, from the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As such, we will provide the leadership that some elected officials at the national level have failed to provide. Together, we are committed to building a movement across issues, ethnicities and counties so that future generations have a healthier future. The Valley is rising!The following are policy priorities that build upon our 2017 Policy Platform.

Embedding Ocean Conservation into California's DNA

March 31, 2017

This GrantCraft case study, developed for Foundation Center's portal, explores how The Campbell Foundation, a supporter of marine conservation in California, helped implement a state law calling for the creation of marine protected areas in the state. It includes the perspective of one of it's grantees helping with this initiative, the Resources Legacy Fund, and how they worked together with other foundations and grantees to enact and implement California's Marine Life Protection Act.

Flipping the Fishing Business Model on its Head

March 31, 2017

This GrantCraft case study, developed for Foundation Center's portal, explores how the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, encouraged collaboration in U.S. West Coast groundfish fishing communities. It includes the perspective of one of it's grantees in the area, The Nature Conservancy, and how they worked together locally to address declining groundfish populations and improve the livelihoods of local fishermen.

SustainArts/Bay Area: A Portrait of the Cultural Ecosystem 2015

April 10, 2015

For more than a year, the Sustain Arts research team has located, gathered, cleaned, reconciled, integrated, and analyzed more than a dozen highly relevant national, regional, and local data sets that collectively begin to tell a cogent story about the arts and cultural sector in the region. These data sets enable us to examine the interrelationships among organizations and their capitalization patterns, shifting demographics, and participation trends. By bringing these types of data together, we can begin to see how sector growth and development does or does not align with demographic changes or emerging cultural preferences. And we can begin to see whether capitalization flows favor established or emerging cultural organizations and how broadly (or narrowly) they serve the cultural needs of the community. The result is Sustain Arts/Bay Area: "A Portrait of the Cultural Ecosystem", a snapshot of key earnings from the 11 counties stakeholders agreed had the largest share of arts and cultural activity in the region: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, and Sonoma. This portrait accompanies a state-of-the-art online platform that allows users to explore the data in-depth.

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Foundation Funding to Address Domestic Violence in California

April 21, 2014

The emotional, physical, and mental health consequences of domestic violence are numerous and ripple not only through generations of families directly impacted, but through communities and society overall. Programs and policies that enable survivors and their families to access services and escape violence are critical to breaking the cycle of violence for future generations. Education and prevention are increasingly important to promote healthy relationships. Eliminating domestic violence in California will require partnership and collaboration among leaders, advocates, and practitioners from local and state government, community organizations, and organized philanthropy. To enable this work, Blue Shield of California Foundation commissioned the Foundation Center to prepare this first-ever examination of the role of U.S. foundations in addressing domestic violence-related issues in California.

Regional Trends; Special Topic Trends

Key Facts on Bay Area Foundations 2011

June 23, 2011

Since 2000, foundations in the Bay Area reported faster growth in total giving and assets compared to California and U.S. foundations overall. These grantmakers awarded $3.1 billion in 2009, a 77% increase over 2000, and their assets rose 34% during the same ten years, despite a steep decline in 2008. Key Facts on Bay Area Foundations examines the assets and giving of 2,498 private and community foundations in the Bay Area and provides lists of top foundations and snapshot views of their giving patterns by major subject and support type.

Regional Trends

Key Facts on Foundation Giving for Oakland

August 26, 2010

Highlights findings from an analysis of the numbers and dollar amounts of 2008 grants to Oakland-based nonprofits by geographic area of focus, issue area, population served, type of support, and grantmakers' location. Lists top recipients and funders.

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Spotlight on Arts Grantmaking in California 2009

October 1, 2009

Spotlight on Arts Grantmaking in California sheds light on grant priorities and the effect of the economic crisis on California arts funders and recipient organizations surveyed earlier in 2009. Findings show the contrast between types of support that grantmakers award compared to what arts groups say they need most. The report includes an analysis of arts grantmaking in 2007, including a list of the 10 largest California arts funders by total giving.

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Building Diversity: A Survey of California Foundation Demographics, Policies and Practices

August 1, 2009

This study, published in 2009, reports findings on baseline data from 115 California Foundations on the demographic composition of their boards and staffs and on the types of diversity-related data collection and grantmaking in which they are involved.

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Embracing Diversity: Foundation Giving Benefiting California's Communities of Color

June 1, 2008

A new analysis of grantmaking by 50 of the state's largest independent foundations finds that at least 39 percent of California-focused grants benefited populations of color. According to Embracing Diversity: Foundation Giving Benefiting California's Communities of Color, in 2005 alone, these 50 California-based foundations awarded a minimum of 2,700 grants totaling nearly $300 million to support health, education, social services, and other programs that serve ethnically or racially diverse populations.

Regional Trends; Special Topic Trends

Spotlight on Funding for the Environment and Animals in California

June 1, 2008

In 2006, 85 California foundations gave $279.2 million for the environment and animals according to Spotlight on Funding for the Environment and Animals in California. This report includes statistical charts and data tables and lists of top grantmakers and recipients drawn from the Foundation Center's annual grants sample.

Regional Trends

Spotlight on Arts Grantmaking in the San Francisco Bay Area 2007

October 1, 2007

In 2005, the San Francisco Bay Area benefited from 1,498 arts and culture grants totaling $145 million, according to Spotlight on Arts Grantmaking in the San Francisco Bay Area. The report provides a mini-directory of selected Bay Area funders with a focus on the arts, and is supplemented by a listing of the top non-Bay Area foundations that provide significant arts funding in the region.

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