Engaging Philanthropy in the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Lessons Learned and Ways Forward

Sep 24, 2015
  • Description

Since its inception in July 2014, the Post-2015 Partnership Platform for Philanthropy -- soon to be called the SDG Philanthropy Platform or Platform for short -- has created vital linkages between an emergent philanthropy sector from around the world, the United Nations (UN) and some governments. It is leveraging the strengths of these stakeholders to contribute to the achievement and localization of the SDGs. Several key successes can be claimed:

  • A clear track has been created for philanthropy to engage more deeply and in a more unified manner with the UN-led SDG process through concerted advocacy, communications and awareness-raising strategies.
  • Progress has been made towards creating a global knowledge base around philanthropy's significant role in development initiatives around the world.
  • Credible strides have been made in developing a data repository on philanthropic giving.