Foundations Today: Foundation Reporting, 2002 Edition (Highlights)

Nov 01, 2002
  • Description

Foundation Reporting, 2002 Edition, provides the most comprehensive information available on the number of U.S. grantmaking foundations issuing annual reports and other print publications or maintaining Web sites. This report serves as an ideal starting point for understanding differencesin public reporting patterns based on foundation size, period of establishment, regional location, and type. Foundation Reporting is part of the Foundations Today Series of annual research reports on foundation growth and trends in foundation giving.

Findings presented in Foundation Reporting are based on information from the Foundation Center's annual surveys of the top 20,000 private and community foundations by giving, all other corporate and community foundations, and larger newly established foundations. Information on foundation reporting also reflects actual foundation publications andWeb information that have been provided directly to the Foundation Center.

To maintain consistency with historical Foundation Center data on public reporting, this analysis limits its scope to those 20,002 foundations in the 2002 survey with at least $100,000 in giving or holding assets of $1 million or more. Of this sample, 3,258 foundations indicated that they issuedpublications in 2002. These reporting foundations represented only a small share (5.8 percent) of the nation's nearly 56,600 active grantmakers but accounted for close to two-thirds (64.4 percent or $312.8 billion) of total foundation assets and three-fifths (60.2 percent or $16.6 billion) of overall foundation giving in 2000—the latest year for which fiscal data are available.