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The unprecedented outpouring of charitable support that followed the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks prompted the Foundation Center to launch a multi-year effort to track relief and recovery funding by foundations, corporations, and other institutional donors. Our goal is to provide a definitive record of their philanthropic response to these tragic events. In the first phase of the project—spanning the year following the attacks—we built a comprehensive database of institutional donors that reported contributions in response to 9/11. In the second phase, continuing through 2003, we will track the distribution or use of donations by recipient organizations. Beyond compiling these data, the Foundation Center will strive to place 9/11 funding by foundations and corporations in the context of all private giving in response to the tragedy and to assess the impact of their relief and recovery support on their overall giving patterns. 

Giving in the Aftermath of 9/11: An Update on the Foundation and Corporate Response