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The Foundation Center has released the new 2012 editions of its essential fact sheets on corporate and community foundations. These brief reports provide critical statistics on the resources and giving priorities of these distinct types of U.S. grantmakers. Key findings from the reports include:

  • Corporate foundation giving grew fastest across foundation types, increasing 6 percent in 2011
  • Community foundation giving remained basically unchanged in 2011
  • "Community foundations showed the fastest growth in foundation giving for many years," noted Steven Lawrence, director of research at the Foundation Center. "But in the aftermath of the economic crisis, it has been corporate foundations that have rebounded most quickly."
Findings presented in Key Facts on Corporate Foundations and Key Facts on Community Foundations come from the Foundation Center's tracking of fiscal and programmatic information on the nation's more than 76,000 grantmaking foundations, annual surveys of leading grantmakers, and analyses of the giving patterns of over 1,300 of the nation's largest foundations.

Key Facts on Community Foundations 2012