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In 2006, 1,399 independent, corporate, community, and operating foundations headquartered in Georgia held assets of nearly $11.5 billion and gave more than $736 million in grants. The number of foundations and their assets increased significantly between 2001 and 2006. Yet, total giving was nearly unchanged, partly due to the fact that foundations are still recovering from post-9/11 economic downturns. Georgia's foundations are slowly getting larger. In 2006, the number of foundations with $1 million or more in assets increased by 3 percent (51 foundations) from 2005. The percentage of foundations by total giving range remained relatively unchanged from 2005. Although their positions in the rankings may change, Georgia's top 10 foundations by giving and assets remain relatively stable and are mainly independent foundations. The Turner Foundation was once again among the top 10 by giving in 2006 after an absence of several years. Among the state's 10 largest foundations by assets, all except the University Financing Foundation saw their assets increase in 2006. The Marcus Foundation and Zeist Foundation were new to the list of top 10 by assets.

Key Facts on Georgia Foundations, 2008