The Foundation Center 2010 Annual Report

Jan 01, 2011
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During 2010, the Foundation Center took a hard look at its more than 50 years of achievement. We took stock of what we have done well—becoming the most trusted source of information for nonprofi ts seeking foundation grants—as well as where we have fallen short— convincing foundations that our knowledge resources can help them achieve their missions. our successes with grantseekers can be documented in testimonials, like the development offi cer who wrote to tell us that the Center is her "go-to" resource for countless challenges and that our services have improved the impact her nonprofi t makes in the Bay Area—just as our failures with foundations are epitomized by a recent grant proposal rejection, sent to us by a foundation that recommended we consult the Foundation Center's resources to identify other sources of funding. Clearly we have yet to demonstrate our value to this donor beyond being a referral for their applicants. Made public in interactive blog form in February of 2011, our new strategic plan, "Foundation Center 2020," articulates the Center's vision—a world enriched by the effective allocation of philanthropic resources, informed public discourse about philanthropy, and broad understanding of the contribution of nonprofit activity to increasing opportunity and transforming lives.