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Over the past five years, Candid has invited nonprofits to share demographic information about their organizations on their Candid profiles. Based on an analysis of this data, The state of diversity in the U.S. nonprofit sector provides an overview of the sector across four demographic categories—race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability status. Designed to increase transparency about diversity at nonprofits, highlight key macro-level findings, and offer a snapshot and a baseline to track collective progress toward diversity, equity, and inclusion, the report is divided into four parts. Section 1 focuses on representation among nonprofit employees and examines how diversity shifts across different levels of leadership. Section 2 examines CEO diversity within different types of organizations. Section 3 focuses on nonprofit board composition—including average board size and average representation of different identities on boards. Finally, section 4 takes a closer look at differences between organizations that have majority BIPOC leadership and majority white leadership.

The state of diversity in the U.S. nonprofit sector