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The third volume of Tracking the Field continues the advancement of data collected, analyzed, and presented to build a better understanding of the environmental philanthropic field. This data is fundamental to understanding environmental philanthropy overall. This volume captures U.S. foundations' initial response to the current economic crisis that began in 2008, and includes new innovations and a more comprehensive analysis of issues, strategies and global grantmaking by Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA) members. Tracking the Field is part of a growing body of research of environmental funding trends across the globe, which includes Europe, Australia, and Canada. This report focuses both on overall U.S. environmental funding, as well as a deeper exploration of the EGA membership's grantmaking. Together with the interactive database available to members through EGA's website, Tracking the Field represents an evolving and innovative tool to enhance EGA members' ability to increase knowledge, coordination, and collaboration for enhancing the field.